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Indulge in Sally Williams Turkish Delight this Valentines day

For centuries people around the world have savoured the unique taste and texture of Turkish delight. In Arabic Turkish delight is known as “rāḥat al-hulqūm” which translates to “comfort of the throat”. Inspired by the exotic flavours and fragrant aromas of Istanbul, Marmaris, and Cappadocia, Sally Williams created their own Turkish delight which perfectly complements the Sally Williams’ world-famous nougat range. Sally Williams has taken Turkish Delight to a whole new level, from the manner in which we make it to our world-first technology of cutting each square perfectly, every time.
Our range of Turkish Delight bears the Sally Williams name with pride. It is made to the exact same level of perfection with which we produce the world’s finest honey nougat and sets the standard for excellence.

The Sally Williams Turkish Delight range includes two delicious flavours; rose and orange and for even wider selection chocolate has been incorporated into the range with a choice of the following:

The Sally Williams Turkish Delight range is vegetarian, and the plain and dark chocolate-coated products are vegan making it the perfect delicacy for all.

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