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Sally Williams Nougat November

It’s that time of year, the time when all the feelings of anticipation and excitement to celebrate life and spend time with loved ones begins. Sally Williams, a pioneer in decadent confectionery are ushering us into this festive season with an exciting reason to indulge and celebrate.

Our handcrafted confectionery product, pronounced Noo:gaa, spelt Nougat, should be the only treat celebrated in the month of November.

Nougat November, a month long celebration of all things Nougat – Sally Williams’ Nougat.

The Sally Williams range boasts a variety of flavours and textures. Our nougatiers perfected the art of roasting our world-famous nougat into golden crunchy bits, which are then enveloped in the most decadent Belgian chocolate. This will both titillate and delight your taste buds like never before.

To celebrate, Sally Williams will be running a weekly competition on social media where one lucky follower can win a luxurious Sally Williams hamper. Thereafter, one winner will walk away with the grand prize – Sally Williams nougat for a year!

That is not where the excitement ends.  Sally Williams have launched their beautiful festive range boasting a crisp, modern white and gold look and feel. A perfect festive season gift, party favour or table setting addition – it’s simply too beautiful not to include in your festive celebrations.

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