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It all began in the mysterious souks of Marrakesh. As Sally, a renowned South African chef, wound her way through the maze of narrow alleys, she found herself unable to resist the mounds of flavoured nougat on offer. Upon her return, Sally was inspired to master the art of creating exceptional nougat, finally creating what has become the Sally Williams we all know and love today.


The year is ’99 and Sally starts Sally Williams in her kitchen and sells to her cookery students and family in Johannesburg.


Sally hits the road to sell to small independent sweet shops.


Sally Williams opens its factory in Johannesburg, allowing us to expand our offerings to larger retailers.


Our first formal packaging wins a Gold Pack Award. This product will soon become the inspiration for the gable pack shape Sally Williams becomes famous for.


Sally Williams sets sail and starts exporting around the world!


We launch our iconic Belgian Chocolate with Roasted Nougat to our growing product range.


Delicious Turkish Delight is added to our range


The year is 2016 and our packaging evolves to echo a modern Sally Williams aesthetic.


Sally Williams wins the Gold Pack Award for our Heritage Collection – an ode to our South African roots


Sally Williams now listed in 20 countries across the globe. We now offer products that fulfil the needs of everyday indulgence to remain the nougat leader in South Africa.

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