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South Africans are well acquainted with Chocolate categories. Whether it be bars, slabs, boxed gifts or Easter eggs, South Africans are no strangers to the rich, decadent joy that a bite of chocolate brings.


South Africa’s boxed chocolate gifting category is highly limited to a handful of imported brands, and leaves a stark gap for locally produced premium chocolate. Sally Williams has been the leader of premium gifting in nougat for the last 20 years, while only bringing chocolate to our consumers over the festive season and Easter. It’s high time we bring our all-year-round chocolate delight to our consumers in a design that SA consumers have never seen before……


Introducing the new Sally Williams 175g Milk and Dark Chocolate Squares


Each bite is a decadent surprise containing roasted nibs of our world-famous nougat , enveloped in the finest Belgian chocolate.
Each bite is a gift
Open it…
Celebrate it…
Enjoy it…


Spoil your loved ones with the ultimate confectionery gift for any occasion, any day of the week.

Milk Chocolate Squares

Dark Chocolate Squares

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